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Antalya Taurus Fly airports company is the pioneer of paragliding in Turkey. Since 1992, he has continuously operated Paragliding Antalya as the premier paragliding company in Turkey, mentoring dozens of instructors who have since gone on to create their own businesses.

Antalya Fly Air Sports Centre is internationally recognized as one of the most accomplished paragliding instructors in Turkey and the world, having received over 14 certificates and participated in several national competitions. The flight centre team is extremely passionate about introducing people from all over the world to the wonder of flight and constantly works to provide the highest quality service to his passengers, inserting a touch of his sweet sense of humor into all of his work.

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Certificates and recognitions: 

  • Course Paraglider pilot since May 1991
  • Course Advanced Pilot since in 1993.
  • Course Cross Country.
  • Recognition as an instructor Paragliding
  • Pilot Tandem ( Double ) since December 1994.
  • Towing -Course (Torno rewinder) in 1995,
  • SIV -Course advanced level and extreme maneuvers in February 1995
  • Course Flight Paramotor Pilot
  • First Aid -Course R&P (Rescue and Paramedics), 1996.
  • Course Meteorology, Aerodynamics and First Aid
  • Founder of the first official paragliding school in Turkey
  • Course Red Cross First Aid, 2001

Participation in events: 

  • Second place championship paragliding department
  • Second meeting of paragliders.
  • Second place in the first national championship paraglider
  • 3rd Air snail air,
  • Air games festival Ölüdeniz Soars
  • Air Caracol Festival, Cyprus Nubia Airport Manizales
  • Participation National Paragliding Championship
  • Organizer valid national championship
  • Participation in the national championship Roldanillo Valley Paragliding
  • Paragliding organizer Mode 1 Deportivo Antioquia Testimony
  • Paragliding Mode organizer Testimony Deportivo Antioquia
  • Cup Top Landing Tandem paragliding
  • Participation in national championship validates paragliding
  • Paragliding Mode organizer Testimony Deportivo Antioquia
  • Participation Paragliding National Championships
  • 2nd Air Festival Piedechinche hacienda paradise
  • 3rd Festival of the cerrito Valle Piedechinche air
  • Participation in Roldanillo Valle PWC.
  • Participation in Valle Roldadillo PRE PWC
  • Marathon participation Magdalena River with a tour in Paramotor over 750 Km.
  • Participation in Expedition Condor de los Andes with a distance of over 16,000 km, 20 departments.
  • Turkey cross country fligt festivals.

Flying paramotor in Antalya Turkey

Koprulu River is the best river in Turkey and also the inland of the country after the Goksu River and Dalaman River third. Born in Taurus Mountains Hill in the national park of Koprulu Canyon, North Western Antalya and empties into the Gulf of Belek in the Mediterranean: most parts of the department of Antalya and two sections of the course serves as a border between Antalya and Belek department; for its seaworthiness it is one of the means of transport in the region. It also is part of Belek, considered the most biodiverse region in the world and one of the rainiest, hence the high flow showing this river.

Jumping activities in Antalya Turkey

Antalya Fly, making a leap of 130 meters. bungee jumping is an activity in which a person is released from a great height, with one of the points of the elastic rope tied to your body or ankle, and the other end attached to the starting point of the jump. When the person jumps, the cord will stretch to counteract the inertia caused by the acceleration of gravity at the stage of the fall, then the subject will rise and descend until the initial energy of the jump disappears.

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Turkey and Antalya’s sunny weather and blue skies make it ideal for flying almost every day of the year. However, we put your safety first, meaning we occasionally cancel or postpone flights for bad weather.

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Marcos Fly has a 25 year track record of 8000+ flights without incident. See our Safety Guidelines for more information on how we ensure your safety so you can enjoy your flight.

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All Paragliding Antalya instructors are certified nationally by the Turkish Airsports Federation. Antalya Fly Airport Sports Company pilots have twelve national and international certifications showcasing their accomplishments and safety record as a pilot.

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Best tourist attractions in Antalya, Turkey

Free like a bird, high in the air... with all your troubles behind you. Escape gravity and reality, absorb stunning views and feel the wind caressing your hair and face. For experienced pilots we offer the logistics and transport to the respective flying sites.

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Best dive zones in Antalya, Turkey

Tahtalı Mountain : a 30 min drive west from Antalya. Thermal flights and probably the best place for a cross country. It is possible to fly all year round but the best months are from March to November.

Tünektepe hill : Take the cable car and go up respectively. Thermal or dereliction flights of some 45 min. with an altitude difference of some 2000 meters. Excellent sights of the city of Antalya. Also good for Tandem flights. All year.


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