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Paragliding and air sports in Adrasan

The small, sleepy town of Adrasan nestles between the steep Taurus Mountains, the green lower slopes and the turquoise waters of the bay. All part of the picture-perfect landscape that is the Lycian coast. Nature`s potency and harmony is all around. The scent of herbs, grenadine and orange plantations fill the air. Time seems to have stood still. Small hotels and traditional Turkish restaurants adorn the sea promenade. No large hotels blot the landscape and the area lives mainly from agriculture.

Historical sites such as Olympus and Chimera, where the eternal flames constantly flicker, lie just nearby, all situated in the large Beydağları National Park. They say the gods always have a nose for the most beautiful and magical places. Homer called Lycia the land of light. And less than 2 hours away by car or 100 km from Antalya airport. The Lycian way runs almost directly through the town, which draws walkers, particularly in Spring and Autumn right up to the end of December to its paths. One direction leads to Olympus, the other towards Karaöz, Paradise lies between as a lovely rest stop.

tandem paragliding in Adrasan

Tandem Paragliding

Paragliding is an adventure sport that captures the wind and take you soaring above the ground to gain a 360 degree view of the mountains and sky. See best deals in Adrasan

paragliding course in Adrasan

Paragliding Courses

Want to learn to fly on your own? Adrasan Fly Course School offers courses in paragliding, paramotor, microlight. Become certified in just a few days – then the sky’s the limit!

paramotor in Adrasan

Paramotor Courses

Take your flight adventure to the next level with Paramotoring Experience the thrill of motor-powered paragliding over the beautiful Mediterranean coasts in Adrasan.  

microlight flights in Adrasan

Microlight Flights

Microlight with the passenger sitting in tandem behind the pilot and has an almost 300 degree view of the amazing scenery around Adrasan, Turkey. Best vacation activity!

hang gliding in Adrasan

Hang Gliding Flying

Experience the unique sensation of hang gliding over Adrasan and Turkish Riviera. Get incredible views of Adrasan's landmarks and landscape. Best touristic attraction!

skydive in Adrasan

Skydive Experience

All our expert tandem instructors all have thousands of skydives and you will jump using a large parachute specifically designed for two people. Book now cheap in Adrasan! 


“This was an unforgettable experience. You get a really nice overview of the city and all the pilots are so kind. I did it with 3 friends and a nice little detail is you get walkie talkies to talk to each other while paragliding which we found very cool. It’s more than worth the price!!” – Jolan L.

“I had a wonderful experience with Marcos and his staff. Marcos arranged for round trip transportation from Lara Beach to the take off area. Weather could not have been better. Davut, the pilot, was extremely confident and experienced. I felt very safe with him flying. The moment of take off is simply breathtaking. If you are going to try paragliding once, do it in Adrasan, can’t beat the scenery.” – Magda C

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4x4 Safari

Atv Safari

Cycle / Bike

Horse Riding


Dolphin Swim

Air Ballooning


Kite Surfing

Sea Kayaking



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hang gliding flight course Adrasan
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Best flight experience

Taurus Fly Paragliding Microlight Paramotor Aviation School, pioneered paragliding in Adrasan, Turkey since 1991.

As a leading air sports company, our team have over 25 years experience and have completed 200.000+ successful flights all over Turkey and worldwide without incident. We hold over a dozen certifications and is widely recognized in Turkey, Greece, France, New Zealand, Costa Rica, Nepal as the father of paragliding.

We're still hooked on teaching, flying, and all things paragliding, from speed wings and mini-gliders, to aerobatics, XC flights and dune skimming, even on to powered paragliding. Any way and anywhere into the air is where we want to be!

Adrasan is an unique city where you can spend unforgettable holiday included adventure air flights activities. Adrasan is one of the most popular touristic spot of a world of wonders country...High and green mountains, crystal sea, historical remains and sun.
We are leading flight school in Adrasan Turkey and we offer all type of air flight activities. We offer spectacular paragliding over the mountains and sea in Adrasan and all over in Turkey.

The weather conditions and mountainous terrain make Adrasan Turkey the perfect place for a paragliding vacation.
With tandem rigs it is possible for almost anyone to participate in this adventure sport. We organize daily tandem paragliding flight for tourist above Mediterranean Sea and Taurus Mountains of Turkish Riviera region, Turkey.

Our Location

Our take-off points is located in the scenic mountain views of Adrasan, Turkey. We are proud to offer you several transportation options to help you get there in comfort.

Our Address is: 

Hal Cd. Adrasan Mahallesi 07350 Kumluca/Antalya Türkiye

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